Advising Brand Owners to protect Trademark rights on Social Media

In today’s day and age, the advent of social media is on the rise creating its presence like never before and it is felt everywhere – as a growing field of business projection, contractual arrangements and revenue generation. However, for brand owners, social media has become a more valuable tool to communicate freely with your existing clients and to reach out to potential consumers. It has become a prime factor today for business owners – turning to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn or blogs to interact with their customer base, in turn providing new challenges for their owners and lawyers as they evolve with each passing day.

In order to ensure that brand owners protect their business assets and brand value, they should take a look at the following available resources for policing and enforcing trademark rights on social media today.

Hire an IP specialist/expert to perform a trademark pre-filing search and file an application

Before you take the plunge onto the social media scene, make sure you engage an experienced trademark lawyer to help navigate the many nuances of brand protection in the digital age and perform a comprehensive trademark search and provide you with a detailed opinion letter to determine the chances to use, adopt and register your trademark. This is one of those situations wherein cost-cutting can really cost you in the long run. So be prepared from the word go.

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